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It's what you always wanted: puppet adaptations of your favorite TESD moments!


When a trip to Roswell, New Mexico runs afoul, Bry, Walt, and Q dream up an alien-centric theme park.

Walt's Parachute:

Before working at the Stash, Walt felt called to work in a great number of places- like a prison!

One, True, Three:

Walt introduces a new game, and everything goes swiftly to Hell!

Shane, Heir to the Throne:

Bryan, Walt, and Q do a complete dramatic reading of Pam's elf-centric book about human trafficking and heroin addiction!

Walt Goes Postal:

A missing package sparks an intense fury in everybody's favorite comic store manager.

Makin' Hay:

The life of a flea market salesman is a hard one- as Bry, Walt, and Q discover as they uncover tales of hording and an escape from a concentration camp!

And many more!

Every DVD is region-free, so you can enjoy TESD anywhere in the world!